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Advanced Forms Plugin

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Introducing intuitive and fast form builder packed with features.

This plugin offers a powerful set of tools for creating custom forms, not only for admins but also for regular members.
Quickly build and design your SocialEngine forms using the form builder. Select your fields, configure your options, set thank you message or redirect url using the built in tools.

The usage is unlimited. Surveys, Order forms, Reporting forms, Customer Satisfaction forms, Online Booking forms, wufoo service clone,…

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Basic Fields
  • Single line text
  • Multiple line text
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Buttons
  • Dropdown
  • Multi Select
  • Multi Checkbox
  • Number
  • Email
  • Password
Specific Fields
  • Price
  • Full Name
  • Date
  • Website
  • Image Upload
  • Document Upload
  • Hidden field
  • User IP address
  • HTML content
  • Country
Design and Configure
Design your form, configure options, set redirect url and start and thank you message.
Add and configure fields, their type, defaults, constrains, validation messages and conditionals.
Enable and Use
Enable form and let your users create entries.
View and Export Entries
View entires by form or user, export entries to csv file or print all entries on paper.
Video Presentation

Watch the video of what it can do

Screencast of creating online booking form.
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  • Create/edit/delete forms with advanced features
  • Ability for both admins and users to create and complete forms
  • Required, optional and conditional fields
  • Custom validation and error messages of fields
  • Data as well as file and hidden fields
  • Easy to use ajax interface
  • Set Thank you message
  • Set redirecting page after form submission
  • Ability to hide from selected member levels
  • Ability to show or hide single forms on browse page (useful when you do not want members to see certain forms, yet able to access them via url)
  • Add custom icon for each form
  • Set position for form labels and descriptions
  • Set custom CSS style for each form
  • Ability to set if members are able to submit form once only or multiple times
  • Form Entry Management
  • Export all form entries as csv
  • Print all form entries
  • Site and Email Notifications about new entries
  • Several useful widgets

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